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Joanna Gazda

Create Style with Soul

Hello, welcome to another episode of embroidery on clothing.

I know from your comments and emails that you’re waiting for more inspiration on extending your beloved sweater’s life.

Today, I’ll show you how to add power to your style using plant symbols. I believe symbols have an impact, which is why embroidery on clothes is more than just colorful decorations. It’s a great tool to turn an ordinary garment into something more, something unique and personal.


With embroidered symbols, we create clothes with soul, giving us strength and energy, embracing and supporting us in our daily challenges.

Most importantly, they align with our values and personality.

They become a coded, personal, and stylish manifesto.

Add some of this magic to your clothes!
It’s not just hocus-pocus; it’s pure creative energy woven with love into your garments.

The stars of this episode are carnations, a symbol of love and marriage. The plant’s Latin name comes from the word „Dios,” meaning beautiful or even divine. It’s one of my favorite flowers because of its imperfect fluffiness.

You can read more about the symbolic meaning of flowers in the book
Nature and Its Symbols.

Tablica na pinterest z symbolami natury w modzie
See more inspirations on my Pinterest.com profile
Symbolism of Colors

Which colors to choose?

The colors you choose also have symbolic meanings, and you can use their language to say more about yourself without words.
For this project, I chose three colors:

Yellow – signifies light, sustains life, adds positive energy, and stimulates health, warmth, and wisdom.
Pink – the color of love, friendship, and warmth. It supports youthfulness, courage, and self-confidence.
Green – has always been associated with nature. It symbolizes growth, rebirth, perseverance, and hope. It provides relief.

Links to books about color psychology that I recommend if you want to delve deeper into this topic:

Color Psychology

Power of the Colours

What You Need for the Project?

materials ans tools

Materials and Tools:

Sweater (I chose a sweater made by my aunt from yarn, which I had used for my diploma collection). This material is over 15 years old and has been given a new life. That’s why I love hand-knitted clothes so much; yarn can be reused many times, giving the garment new value.

Colorful yarn – matching the sweater’s thickness (I used merino wool)
Round-ended needle (appropriate size)

Rounded needle – Choose the right one for precise embroidery and aesthetic.


Ribbon, cord for soutache (remnants from various projects work well; I collect such odds and ends and use them in different patterns)
A few beads


Wzor motyla do haftu

It’s a good idea to prepare a rough sketch of the pattern in the right proportions beforehand.
I use a small notebook where I draw preliminary designs.
Then, I prepare the pattern version I want to embroider and check how it will look on the garment.
It’s a great way to see if the colors and size work for you before you put the work into embroidery.

Create with passion!

Don’t forget your own pattern!
Prepare a sketch, check the colors and proportions to make sure they are perfect for you. This is your project, your creative space – enjoy every moment and let your creativity flow freely!


Don’t wait!

Start now and watch your clothes come to life!
Add a bit of this magical energy to your clothes!

These are not magic dreams,
it is pure creative energy
woven with love into your clothes.

Start your adventure now!
Click the button below to watch it in twenty minutes
how simple it is to extend the life of your clothes.

Be ready for new experiences and a moment of rest!
Watch, learn, and enjoy a style consistent with you!

See you on the channel!

Best regards,

Joanna Tor-Gaz